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peking chinese restaurant riverside

Who can resist the thought of a local Chinese restaurant that makes fresh noodles and dumplings everyday by hand?  You can get that and more at Peking Chinese Restaurant in Riverside.  They’re located in a modern strip mall off of Magnolia near La Sierra.  It’s an old school family owned establishment, that still doesn’t have a website.

They offer some Korean dishes (jja jang myun- made with fresh noodles and topped with a thick black bean sauce) along with Chinese staples like the shrimp fried rice, orange chicken, and moo shu pork.  The portions are large, and the price typical but the quality is superior to many other Riverside restaurants.

As I mentioned, noodles and dumplings are handmade every day.  We were told the pan fried dumplings would take 15 minutes.  We ordered anyway, and we waited patiently for their arrival.  A plate was eventually brought out with eight of the largest dumplings I have seen accompanied by a flavorful soy based dipping sauce laced with a perfect balance of ginger, garlic and other aromatics.  The dumplings were amazing.

The Szechuan Shimp was full of shrimp blanketed in a flavorful sauce with a hint of spice.  Sweet and sour sauce was perfectly balanced, Kang pong sae-woo (fried shrimp in sweet and spicy sauce peking2-2

The service is very friendly and accommodating and they serve lunch special every day.

Peking Chinese Restaurant, 11170 Magnolia Ave, Ste C, Riverside, CA 92505 951-687-4822 Unfortunately, No Website   🙁

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