Pupuseria La Sierra

La Ssierra PupusaPupusas are delicious Salvadoran comfort food staples, and are somewhat underrated and all too uncommon amongst the variety of restaurant foods avaialble.  They are thick, round tortilla like discs made from a cornmeal dough and stuffed with a variety of delicious fillings and combinations of cheese, meats, and beans.  Pupuseria La Sierra in Riverside serves up some of the best and most authentic pupusas in the Inland Empire, and  they offer a variety of nearly a dozen filling choices

Unless you have a lot of time to spare,  eating here means you have to be patient or you should probably call in your order. I say this because they will literally take 15-45 minutes to cook your order.  They even tell you this on their website, and they post this in the restaurant so know this ahead of time.

I ordered two most common pupusas  the pupusa de queso y frijoles (cheese and bean) and pupusa revuelta with mixed ingredients of cheese, beans, and meat.  The cornmeal dough was cooked to perfection- fresh and delicate and not greasy and the fillings warm and flavorful with the slightly gooey melted cheese. Bean filling cooked t0 perfection and the revuelta a perfect symphony of flavor combinations.

Curtido- (a  lightly fermented, chunky  cabbage slaw with red chilies and vinegar )is the traditional accompaniment to pupusas, and the homemade Curtida at Pupusa La Sierra is fresh and delicious with just the right amount of zip.

In addition to the pupusas, they service some Mexican dishes like tacos, enchiladas as well as Salvadoran dishes like caldos, tamales, pasteles del carne (meat pies with an outer coating of fried mashed potatoes).

Pupuseria La Sierra 4505 La Sierra Ave, Riverside, CA 92505 (951) 352-9877 Pupuseria La Sierra

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