Red Chili Restaurant – Redlands

Red Chile Restaurant Hong Kong Chow MeinRed Chili Restaurant – Redlands, CA

I would have never guessed the City of Redlands as having great Chinese food; but when I stumbled across Red Chili Restaurant in a strip mall on Redlands Blvd, my mind had been changed forever.

The place is very quaint (i.e. small), but also very clean.  Red Chili Restaurant offer lunch specials, bowls, and even the typical American dishes like General Tso’s chicken.  If you dig a little deeper in the menu though, they have some amazing dishes.  First, we tried the Hong Kong Style Chow Mein.  They take a generous portion of thin, crisp,y pan fried noodles and blanket them with a a mixture of beef, chicken, shrimp and fresh veggies (snow peas, mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini ) that have been bathed in a silky smooth mild but flavorful garlic sauce.  This dish is a scrumptious symphony of flavors and textures not available in most restaurants.

Next up, Shrimp with Santa and Pepper.  Delicately coated with cornstarch and lightly fried shell on shrimp dusted with salt and pepper and

Red Chile Restaurant Redlandsaccompanied by a medley of tiny chopped green onions, fresh red chiles.  The dish is a flavorful burst of goodness that just may be the best Salt and Pepper Shrimp ever tasted.

Last but not least, we sampled a dish of mushroom chicken.  The order was filled with generous amounts of thinly sliced chicken starring in the ensemble and joined by a medley of freshly woked vegetables including baby corn.   The food is superior to many larger restaurants let alone small strip mall stores (not that there is anything wrong with being located in a strip mall).   Prices are comparable to most with lunch specials under $7. including appetizer and soup, bowls ranging from $5-$7 and entrees $7-$12.  If you’re lucky enough to live in the area, you can even get this food delivered to your doorstep.


2094 W Redlands Blvd Ste C, Roedlands, CA 92373 909-798-3929 Red Chili Restaurant

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