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Best Damn Donut Ever | Donut Man

strawberry donutSo is this the best damn donut ever?  A friend told me  about Donut Man in Glendora (ya, I know. it’s not in the Inland Empire… but it’s close, and it’s good).  It was suppose to have super donuts made fresh throughout the day, AND they were open 24 hours. So I got to thinking, if you have to make donuts continually throughout the day, and you’re open 24/7… you have to sell a lot; therefore, they have to be pretty good.

I drove out there on a Friday night about 9:00 and I was expecting an empty donut shop.  What I found was a small place off of Route 66, and to my surprise there was a line wrapped around the building reminiscent of Pinks Hot Dogs in LA.  I was able to find a parking on the street (they do have a lot, but it was full), and I waited patiently in the fast moving line.  Peering through the window, I could the working spooning their strawberry mixture from large metal bowls into hand sliced fresh glazed donuts.   Th assembly line was quick and efficient.  There was constant movement clearing away empty racks and bringing out full racks of newly baked delights.

There were the standard donuts one would expect- traditional glazed, chocolate iced, buttermilk, doughnot holes and such.  But it appeared that night the two top sellers were “Tiger Tails” (twisted glazed and chocolate perfection that have to be about a foot long), and their claim to fame strawberry filled glazed donut.  We got to the window and shelled out out 4 bucks to try the strawberry dreams everyone raves about.  If you’re thinking four dollars is a lot for a donut, you would have to see the size and the amount of whole strawberries stuffed inside of the glazed sweet dough to make a good determination.

The donut was huge!  Sometimes you find you get quantity over quality, but this was certainly not the case.    The sweet, ripe strawberries were jumbo sized and bathed in their own glaze, and the large doughnut was flavorful by itself.  But when paired together, they make a magical treat perfect for any time of day.

The donut was worth the drive, worth the price, and worth going back again.

5 E Rte 66, Glendora, CA 91740 626-335-9111 Donut Man