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Hottinger Meats- Keeping It Old School

Hottinger MeatsIn the days of big box grocery stores and packaged foods, it’s so refreshing to find a local butcher with fresh meats, and friendly service. When you step into Hottinger Meats, you’re transported in time back to an era where quality foods and friendly personal service were status quo.

From the outside, Hottinger’s seems to be just an older freestanding building near the railroad tracks off of Chino Avenue.  When you get inside, you see a busy deli counter with meats, salads, and made to order sandwiches.  The right wall is filled with a tremendous selection of packaged items including a variety of sausages- from Linguisa to Bratwurst and everything in between.

As you continue walking, you’re surrounded by the fresh meat counter with a potpourri of fresh, quality meat at unbelievably reasonable prices.   They offer everything from steaks, ribs, roast and chops to pre-seasoned and grill ready tri-tip and chicken in your choice of about 7 different marinades.  They offer carne asada in three different varieties of meat including a rib-eye carne asada.  If you’re looking for something equally delicious but not quite beef you can try a puerco asado, and an amazing pollo asada.

If you’re looking for a special cut of meat, the employees are always happy to oblige by going to the back and slicing up your request while you wait.

Hottinger’s is not quite a secret since it’s common to see lines out the doors during holidays and busy weekends. You ca pre-order you holiday rib roasts, fresh turkeys, and even the turducken.

So how much extra do you pay for all of this service and quality?  Believe it or not the prices are comparable to local grocery stores and in some cases Hottinger’s in less expensive. Check the weekly ads buts it’s not uncommon to find prime grade steaks on sale for the same price as grocery store choice grade meats.   Also, check out the prices on eggs and bacon- typically less expensive that what you’re paying.

Hottinger Family Meats, 5437 Chino Ave, Chino, CA 91710, (909) 628-2568 No Website 🙁