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Ice Cream in the Desert


NitroInfusions Salted CaramelMmm…. Ice cream.   But what if you’re trying to be healthy and you still want to indulge in a sweet, cold treat?  Nitroinfusions has brought healthy coolness to the Old Town La Quinta with their organic sweets.  They offer some unique flavor combinations and use only the freshest ingredients.  Oh ya… and the freeze it in front of you.  What?  You ask.  Yes, your ice cream is frozen in front of you with a blast of liquid nitrogen.  The liquid nitrogen freezes your treat in seconds and eliminates any ice crystals or air.  The result silky smooth cup of Heaven with no additives or preservatives.

Nitrofusions uses only the freshest in their tasty creations.  Some of the flavors are organic vanilla ice cream topped with salted caramel and Mediterranean sea salt, organic strawberry ice cream with cream cheese and fresh strawberries.

In addition to their permanent menu, they offer rotating flavors of the month which gives you a reason to visit often.

The natural goodness they offer is not restricted to ice cream.  Next time you’re in the mood for an Affogatto (Vanilla ice cream with a double shot of expresso whipped cream and chocolate sauce) this is your place.

They also have crepes, brownie sundaes, floats, and shakes.  Their date shake is one of the best on the planet – a blend of local medjool dates and their premium vanilla ice cream.

NitroInfusions,Old Town La Quinta, 78010 Main St., Suite 108, La Quinta, CA http://nitroinfusions.com