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Vitos Italian Pizza, Corona- Pizza, Meatballs

Vitos Italian Pizza

Vitos Italian Pizza has finally landed in Corona.  The first Vito’s in Southern California was opened in Anaheim near Disneyland back in September of 1955.  The original has since closed, but Papa Joe has come out of retirement to share his recipes once again.  Vito’s is now serving up it’s authentic Italian Pizzas, Pastas and Italian Roast Beef Sandwich to a new generation of foodies.

Vitos ItalianLike the original, it’s a small spot (I beginning to think all good restaurants are in a small spot).  This location is at the corner of Cota Street and River Rd ad also in the corner of the strip center. The interior is sparkling clean with bright red paint and large screen televisions on the walls.

So the pizza here is phenomenal.  Freshly made dough, thin crust- Italian style with freshly grated cheeses and quality ingredients.  And the pizzas come in one delicious – size- 14″ large.  We tried the Aloha Pizza filled with ham, pineapple, and a whole lot of gooey melted cheese.  The crust was cooked to perfection.  The sauce was obviously homemade with a touch of sweetness and a touch of herbs blended into the tomato mixture.  Now the cheese.  Sometimes the cheese on pizza is greasy while other times it it somewhat firm and dry.  This cheese was soft and melted to perfection.

Besides pizza, Vito’s offers some other Italian fair to customers.  So I am going to let you in one one of the best secrets in Corona.  Are you ready?  This place has phenomenal meatball sandwiches.  For eight bucks… well $7.99 you can get a 10 inches of beef filled heaven on a toasted roll.  And it is worthVitos meatball sandwich every penny.  The meatballs are made fresh from a family recipe.  They are well seasoned, meaty (not a lot of filler), and extremely tasty.  For the sandwich, the meatballs are sliced which makes for easier eating (it’s a pain when the meatballs are left round and too big to bite).  Not only are they sliced, but the sandwich is literally layered with meat.  Sliced meatballs are piled to he right height, doused with a little of their secret sauce (marinara), and topped with fresh mozzarella slices.  The assembled masterpiece is then toasted so you get a slightly crunchy roll, with the cheese oozing over the meat.  Pure heaven.

They also have an Italian Beef sandwich, submarine and a few other sandwich items.  For those wanting something a bit lighter, Vito’s puts together a tremendous antipasto salad as well cesar and fresh garden salads.   The menu showcases a couple of additional sandwich options, and of course, fresh pastas.

If you’re in the area or if you can be, give Vitos Italian Pizza a try.  It’s definitely worth the trip.

Vito’s Italian Pizza 440 River Rd, Suite C, Corona, CA 92880, (951) 736-8486,  vitositalianpizza.com