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Shu Zaky Healthy Mediterranean in Perris

Shu Zaky – Perris, California

I couldn’t believe I stumbled upon some the best hummus at a small little Mediterranean restaurant in Perris, California.

Shu Zaky HummusLebanese owned Shu Zaky Mediterranean Grill – located just off of  the 215 on Ramona Expressway is a must try if you’re in the area.  The place is tucked away in a tiny strip center by the Chevron gas station, and it’s so small it shares a spot with Alberto’s Mexican Food.  Never judge the quality of food though by the size of the restaurant as the menu and the food is what you would expect from a quality Mediterranean restaurant.   They have plates, sandwiches, appetizers and even a selection of delicious homemade desserts.

The hummus (included in plates or available as an appetizer) is pure creamy goodness infused with fresh lemon and garlic, topped with whole chick peas, dusted with paprika and drizzled with olive oil.

My next item of delicious obsession was the addictive garlic paste.  The paste had a silky texture and was full of balanced flavors or garlic, salt, olive oil and lemon.  The delicious spread can be used as a condiment on your grilled meats, or as a spread on the fresh pita triangles.    You can either order this as a side, or it comes with the chicken kebab plate.

Zaky ChickenAs expected, Zaky offers both chicken and beef shwarma (meat placed on a vertical spit and sliced off the spit as ordered), as well as several types of kebabs- beef, chicken, shrimp, and kafta.  All can made into wraps, plates, or stand alone entres.   Plate portions are substantial and come with rice, salad, pita chips and homemade Lebanese pickles.  For those opting to not eat meat, they have amazing falafel and Batata Hara (potato dish), traditional salads and an excellent lentil soup.

If you’re not terribly hungry, you can always try one of the delicious GOPI Mango Lassi or Yogurt drinks.  Very refreshing and a little something different.

Shu Zaky Mediterranean Grill 780 Ramona Expy Perris, CA 92571 Phone number (951) 657-7454, No Website
Note: This location is not affiliated with other Zaky Grills

Perris, California