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Peruvian Perfection- El Pollo Kri Ollo

El Pollo Kri OlloPeruvian Cuisine reflects influences from Spain, Europe, Italy, Germany, Asia and West Africa.  With all of the contributions of spices and cooking methods, Peruvian food tends to appeal to a very wide audience of diners.

El Pollo Kri Ollo is a small restaurant off of 6th Street in Corona that serves up some very authentic Peruvian dishes. The restaurant itself is very clean ( “A” Rating sign hangs on the door) and you are greeted with a friendly smile by the wait staff.  The menu is filled with staples one is likely to find in a Peruvian restaurant Pollo a La Brasa (marinated chicken – El Pollo Kri Ollo specialty), Lomo Saltado (marinated beef, onions, tomatoes, fried potatoes), ceviche, and Arroz Chaufa de Mariscos  (seafood fried rice).  If you are unsure what to order, your waitress is quick to give a helping hand and make some recommendations.  If you are looking for a dish that’s not on their menu, they will even try to accommodate you.

While you decide what to order, a waitress brings out some hot bread with a dish of homemade aji verde (a traditional Peruvian green chili sauce made with peppers, cilantro, garlic, salt and olive oil) for dipping.   The sauce is extremely flavorful with a kick from the peppers.

I chose to order the Pollo Saltado – strips of tender, marinated chicken, cooked with red onions, tomatoes, and potatoes resembling french fries.  The dish was flavorful, plentiful,  and accompanied aji verde by a mound of cooked rice.  At the recommendation of the waitress, I also enjoyed a half order of fried plantains.  The plantains were cooked perfectly tender without being greasy.

Prices are extremely reasonable, and the quality was superb.  If you haven’t tried Peruvian food (or if you haven’t yet tried El Polo Kri Ollo) I would recommend stopping in for a delicious meal.  Be warned that food is cooked to order so if you want to pop in for a to-go order, it’s best you call ahead.

El Pollo Kri Ollo 1390 W 6th St Ste 124, Corona, CA 92882  (In the Arby’s Parking Lot)     (951) 427-3867 🙁 no website