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Great Mexican Food in Riverside


great mexican food in riversideI had a craving for Mexican food today, and I wanted to try something new.  I had heard about a little family owned place in Riverside Ramiro’s Cocina Mexicana.  I was told they not only had some award winning salsa but also a reputation for tasty tacos, so I decided to give them a try.

I arrived after the lunch crowd, so the place was empty except for the employees.   The place was clean and the service attentive.  A ramekin of deep red salsa was quickly delivered with a generous side of freshly made salted chips.  One bite and I knew I found something special.  The fresh salsa was an amazing symphony of flavors and spices that soon had my taste buds dancing a cha cha.  The salsa was far superior than any store bought dip and better than most served in the chain restaurants to which we are all so familiar. It was a fair amount of heat and a semi smooth texture with an occasional sliver of onion or cilantro.

Since the tacos were recommended, I ordered a popular combination plate with one taco and an enchilada.  The food was made to order and served piping hot.  The taco was a generous amount of seasoned beef in a freshly made taco shell.  It was a wonderful balance of flavors dripping with delicious goodness.  The enchilada oozing with cheesy goodness and smothered in an addictive enchilada sauce was equally endearing on my taste-o-meter.

The entire meal start to finish was better than I could have expected, and I will certainly keep  them on list for places to satisfy a Mexican food craving.  Street parking is available.

Ramiro’s Cocina Mexicana, 9418 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92503, 951-354-6146, http://ramiroscocina.com