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Jake’s Rockin Ramen in Temecula- More than Noodles

Jake’s Rockin Ramen

Jake’s Rockin Ramen is a catchy name but the food really keeps reeling you in.    Most people are familiar with the generic packages of crispy noodles that you pop into boiling water or even a microwave, but there appears to be a shortage of good Ramen in Temecula because Jake’s Rockin’ Ramen is dishing this stuff out by the bucket fulls.

jake's rockin ramenThe small little venue is kind of lost in the Vail Ranch Center off of Temecula Highway; but diners of all ages seem to find Jake’s to get their ramen fix.  So unlike the little packages, Jake’s Ramen noodles are bathed in some seriously delicious homemade stocks and accompanied by a variety of tasty ingredients depending upon the selection.   The most popular dish is the Spicy Beef Ramen  with seasoned beef, seasoned egg, steamed cabbage, green onion, and dried seaweed.  The portions are HUGE, and the broth is so delicious.  There’s just enough spice in the dish to make it flavorful (and to make me drink some extra water), but the little heat is good for the metabolism.  For the spice lovers, they also have a Volcano Ramen with seasoned pork, seasoned egg, steamed cabbage and this comes in their homemade pork stock base, as well as the popular Spicy Rockin’ Ramen.

If you’re not into spice,they offer a variety of other ramens including a seafood ramen (green mussels, fish cake, crab stick, scallop, squid, shrimp, Volcano Ramengreen onion, fresh and dried seaweed, mushroom, steamed cabbage, sweet corn), Vegetable Ramen (steamed cabbage, mushroom, fresh seaweed, dried seaweed, green onion, sweet corn, broccoli, baby spinach), Gyoza Ramen (gyoza, seasoned egg, steamed cabbage,green onion, dried seaweed) and several others.  Any of the ramens can be made spicy, and for those avoiding gluten, you can request gluten free noodles.

In addition to a stellar selection of ramens, they have nearly two dozen appetizers to chose from including Sweet Chili Chicken Karaage,  Sweet Chili Chicken Salad, and tempura squid legs.   We tried the baby octopus salad a well as the potato shrimp.  The salad was served cold with several baby octopus bathed a delicious sweet dressing, and the shrimp wrapped in potato strings were fried and served warm accompanied by a delicious, creamy dipping sauce with a little kick.

Other entree offerings include a variety of rice dishes either stand alone or accompanied by pork katsu, chicken karaage, or beef, and cold soba noodles.  They do have a child’s menu and to round out your meal, they offer a selection of unique desserts like the tempura green tea cheesecake.

Baby Octopus SaladThe food is excellent quality, and the portions are substantial.  Oh, did I mention the staff is friendly?  Another plus.

Jake’s Rockin Ramen,  31805 Temecula Pkwy #9, Temecula, CA 92592, 951- 302-0275, website   http://rockinramen.s-ite.mobi/ (they need to do something about that we addy)